In what are Qualitative Dissertations Different from Quantitative Ones?
Writing a dissertation is always a challenge, and qualitative dissertations are not an exception. The main difference between quantitative and qualitative dissertations is that they are based on different kinds of research. Quantitative dissertations require field research, working with figures and arranging some statistical investigations with the help of quantitative methods of studying the information received in the process of research.
Qualitative dissertations, in contrast, are based on purely qualitative research that investigates a certain phenomenon, notion or tendency, without quantitative inferences. The hypothesis that becomes a central theme of qualitative dissertations has to be either supported or refused, this is the gist of all qualitative dissertations. So, what do all qualitative dissertations include that makes them unique, and how should a student design his or her qualitative dissertations to be successful?
An Outline for Qualitative Dissertations.
All qualitative dissertations have to include and introduction with such elements as:

  1. General overview of the problem
  2. Purpose of the study
  3. Research questions and objectives
  4. Importance and topicality of the study
  5. Scope of the study
  6. Definition of terms
  7. Limitations of the study

Further on goes the main theoretical chapter – the literature review of qualitative dissertations. Here you should gather all information available on the topic you are currently investigating. Further on, all qualitative dissertations include the chapter of methodology/research methods:

  • The qualitative paradigm
  • Qualitative methods of research
  • Data collection methods
  • Primary and secondary data sources
  • Analysis of data
  • Ethical considerations

Discussion of research findings, generalizing and making appropriate conclusions as for the present state of affairs in the field as well as future perspectives of the study follow in the outline of qualitative dissertations. Inclusion of all necessary tables and figures should be done in the section of appendices.
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