Qualitative dissertations involve writing dissertations on any subject but utilizing the qualitative research methodologies to conduct the research. Qualitative research methodology is concerned with data gathering and analysis methods using non-numerical forms such as words, video or audio clips, etc.
Qualitative dissertations therefore involve a lot of data that may not be standardized and that require considerably much more effort in analysis and results. Since in a qualitative dissertation, the most important and unique part is the research methodology, this article discusses several tips that would help you write the research methodology of your qualitative dissertation.
Qualitative Dissertation Research Methodology Tip#1
Understand the different types of qualitative research methodologies that can be possibly used in a research. Study all of them even if you may eventually be using only one type of method. Use online resources or university library to get more information on the possible methods.
Qualitative Dissertation Research Methodology Tip#2
Understand why each type of qualitative research methodology is applicable or not applicable for your research as the case may be. You will need to provide justification for the choice made.
Qualitative Dissertation Research Methodology Tip#3
Discuss and explain the target population, how sample size was determined, how the sample was selected, how the associated process, questionnaire, etc. was designed, how data will be collected and analyzed.
Qualitative Dissertation Research Methodology Tip#4
The most important tip is to write the research methodology in such a manner that another researcher should be able to replicate the research if that was required.
Writing a qualitative dissertation is similar to writing a typical dissertation with the exception of research methodology section that focuses on qualitative methods only. With the help of the tips provided in this article, it should be easy to write the research methodology section of a qualitative dissertation.
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