essay on rainy seasonIf you live somewhere where rainy seasons are a common phenomenon, preparing an essay on a rainy season will not be a problem for you. Do not hesitate and write a story based on your personal experience. How do you feel like during rainy seasons? What do you usually do? Does your lifestyle change somehow compared to seasons without rains? Do you like rainy seasons in general?
All these are good questions to answer in essays on a rainy season if you really know what such seasons are all about. And, it will be quite an easy task to complete, since you will not have to research the topic but just present your observations and opinions. However, what if you have no idea of what a rainy season is all about? What if you live in a place where it is always sunny and warm?
In this case, you will have to investigate some rainy places and write your essay on a rainy season about them. First off, you have to figure out where rainy seasons are common. India is a country like that, and it can be the main focus of your essay on a rainy season. What specific points can be covered in your paper to make it informative and striking?
Essays on a rainy season: point 1
You may start with a general description of what a rainy season is all about. When does it begin? How long does it last? Why is it important? To make an introduction for your essay on a rainy season more impressive, describe hot Indian summer.
Essays on a rainy season: point 2
Discuss various advantages that rainy seasons can bring. Definitely, agriculture, crops are the main aspects to consider in the essay on a rainy season.
Essays on a rainy season: point 3
Then, pass to some disadvantages of rainy seasons. Besides all the positive sides, rainy seasons can also bring diseases like cholera, mosquitoes that also kill people, etc.
Reading about naturalistic observation essays and an essay on summer can be somehow useful.

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