light in august essayDo you have to write an American literature essay? Are you allowed to pick any work of American literature for discussion? Well, what about “Light in August”? It is one of the most famous novels by William Faulkner published in 1932, and we can help you with writing an excellent essay on “Light in August”.
If you have not read the book yet or read it quite a long time ago, it is better to read some summaries or the novel itself. We can just briefly explain what the story is all about, which will be a hint for writing your “Light in August” essay. So, in a few words the whole novel consists of three plots involving different characters – Lena Grove, Joe Christmas, and Reverend Gail Hightower - and their lives, although they are somehow related to each other. Your “Light in August” essay can be devoted either to one of the characters or some general themes depicted in the novel.
What follows next are possible questions for you to answer in the essay on “Light in August”.
Essays on “Light in August”: question 1
One of the main characters, Joe Christmas, is of biracial origins, which means black and white bloods are mixed in him. Joe's blood makeup is the main controversial issue in his life. Do you think it is the main reason for the tragic events at the end of Joe's life?
Essays on “Light in August”: question 2
In his novel, Faulkner describes several relationships between Joe and Joanna, Joe and Bobbi, Lena and Byron. Which relation do you think is about true love?
Essays on “Light in August”: question 3
There are many violent scenes in the novel. What do you think causes violence in different characters of the novel?
Good luck with your “Light in August” essays! Here, you can also get free tips for writing “Jane Eyre” GCSE essays.

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