essays about the great gatsbyBefore writing your essay about “The Great Gatsby” and even before you start reading the book itself, take time and ask yourself what you know about the Roaring Twenties. Just play associations and jot down anything that comes up to your mind about that period. Your list may include:

All these things you will find in the book, but they serve as background scenery in the story. Scott Fitzgerald touches upon some very important themes in his book, and you will have to talk about them in your paper on “The Great Gatsby”.
Certainly, we are glad to provide you with several hints for writing papers on “The Great Gatsby” and explain what ideas can be highlighted in your work.
Essays about “The Great Gatsby”: social classes, society
It is one of the major themes developed in the book. The story is set among two social classes both wealthy enough to live careless and rather meaningless lives. Yet, in your essay about “The Great Gatsby”, you can explain the difference between East Eggers and West Eggers. Does only wealth play a crucial role in those two classes?
Essays about “The Great Gatsby”: America and American Dream
What vision of America does Fitzgerald present in his book? Actually, he presents rather a negative image of the country at those times. American Dream is corrupted. Materialism and selfishness are guiding principles for many people. So, you can discuss this idea in your essay on “The Great Gatsby”.
Essays about “The Great Gatsby”: love
At a glance, it seems that love is one of the themes of the story. But actually, what Fitzgerald describes can be defined as lack of love. What the main characters take as love turns out to be just a dream. Yet, there is still one example of true love in the book, and you may talk about it in your essay about “The Great Gatsby”.
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