jane eyre gcse essaysIt is pretty normal that you feel a bit nervous because of your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay. First, it just an important task to complete. Second, you are going to deal with a long and rather complex novel of Charlotte Bronte.
By the way, have you read the novel? If you have not, chances to fail a “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay increase significantly, but you still should not panic. Find and read good reviews of this novel, critical comments. Anyway, it will be useful to read them before starting to write “Jane Eyre” GCSE essays. You may also flick through free “Jane Eyre” essays, check some popular topics discussed.
Do not forget to take notes, jot down some ideas, and write out quotes when reading. All of them will be used as supporting evidences in your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay.
So, now calm down and check our strategies for writing great “Jane Eyre” GCSE essays.
Do not hurry
Even if you are short of time, do not get down to writing your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay straight after you finish reading the novel or summaries. Take time to think about your paper:

  • How long your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay should be?
  • What do you want to discuss?
  • Are you sure you will be able to cover everything properly?

Plan your answer
It is very important to get all your ideas organized and plan what exactly you will be writing about in your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay. You can even write down on a piece of paper a kind of short statements that you will develop in the essay, e.g.:

  • Jane is the main character of the novel who is very strong;
  • Jane has to overcome various difficulties, negative characters.

Check everything
After your “Jane Eyre” GCSE essay is ready, re-read it and check for all types of mistakes.
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