essays on child developmentAre you struggling with a child development essay? You feel that you do not know much about kids, they actually do not interest you yet, and in general, you do not get on well with them.
Well, your good relations or love for kids is not necessary to complete this essay on child development successfully. All you should do is start researching the topic a little, and you will hit upon plenty of ideas for papers on child development.
In fact, it is rather a popular topic in psychology. Many famous scientists worked on this topic, developed their theories and concepts, suggested their classifications of child development.
What we mean is that you will lack neither materials nor ideas necessary to complete your essay on child development. Anyway, sources and materials are your job, and we can help you with several topic ideas for the child development essay.
Essays on child development: popular theories
We have already mentioned that many prominent theorists worked on this topic. You may choose one of the following theories as a basis for your child development essay:

  • Piaget's theory of cognitive development;
  • Lev Vygotsky theories;
  • Eric Erikson theory;
  • Ecological systems theory;
  • Behavioral theories, etc.

Essays on child development: various aspects of development
Child development is a complex process, which encompasses a lot of aspects. One of them you may consider in your child development essay:

  1. physical growth;
  2. motor development;
  3. intellectual development;
  4. social-emotional development;
  5. language.

Essays on child development: stages
In your paper, you may also describe child development stage by stage or month by month, starting from the very birth (the first month) till 5 years.
Your essay can be a good basis for a future child development coursework and even a human development essay.

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