When Henrik Ibsen wrote his “A Doll's House”, it almost immediately turned into a scandal. In Victorian times, actions of the main heroine of the play were considered just incredible. Women were not supposed to do anything but raise children and take care of their house and family. In his play, Ibsen talks not only about women's rights, but also about general human rights that people, regardless of their gender, possess.
Although the topic of women's rights might be not that acute as in Ibsen's times, we are sure a teacher will be interested in your evaluation of Nora's final decision in a paper on “A Doll's House”.
This may be one of the central topics to consider in essays on “A Doll's House”, but we want to offer you other good ideas for discussion. We have listed several main themes of the play below and questions you can answer in the essay on “A Doll's House”.
Essays on “A Doll's House”: gender roles
Roles of men and women in society and family are two of the main themes raised in the play. Men are strong and independent. Women are like dolls, and have no other duties except of keeping their house and bringing up children.
Questions to answer in essays on “A Doll's House”:

  • What are the main characteristics of men and women roles in the play?
  • Are women really so weak? What hidden powers do they have?
  • Are there moments when men are trapped by their role?

Essays on “A Doll's House”: marriage
At the beginning, the marriage of Helmer seems to be quite o.k., but in the course of the play we see how it dissolves and finally breaks.
Questions to answer in essays on “A Doll's House”:

  • Could Helmer's marriage be saved? Why? Why not?
  • Is equality one of the main keys to a long-lasting marriage?

Essays on “A Doll's House”: lies
Nora has to lie a lot; one lie comes after another.
Questions to answer in essays on “A Doll's House”:

  • Did lies ruin Helmer's marriage?
  • Could Nora find other ways out rather than lie all the time?

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