bag book reportA paper book report is one of the most creative tasks you may face in school. It makes reading books and preparing reports not that boring and challenging. Besides, a paper bag book report is a perfect way to show how creative you are.
So, you have read a book, visited a local supermarket that kindly provided you with the main material necessary for the creation of your paper bag book report. What is next?
Next, follow this simple step-by-step guide to prepare an excellent paper bag book report.
Step 1
On the front side of your paper bag book report, write the following information: the title of your book, its author's name, date and place of publication. Draw something to make this front page more colorful.
Step 2
On the backside of your paper bag book report, make an illustration of something important from the book, something that will be the central theme of your oral presentation. It can be either a scene that you believe is significant or one of the main characters, etc.
Step 3
Make a separate page for your paper bag book report, where you will present a short summary of the book. To make an effective summary, answer 5W's questions: Where? Why? Who? When? What?
Step 4
Make illustrations for other sides of your paper bag book report. You can draw minor characters of the story or describe some events.
Step 5
Finally, you have to “fill in” your paper bag book report. Particularly, you need to decide on 5-10 items that represent something from the book, e.g. “Three Bears” - a spoon.
After the paper bag book report is finished, prepare for your oral presentation. Here, you can find more details on how to prepare oral book reports or read about biography book reports.

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