essay supportWriting academic essays is about numerous rules and peculiarities, and providing solid essay support is one of them. What does a well-supported essay mean? It means that such essay is based not on some generalizations, personal opinions, but on factual, verified information, specific details, and reputable opinions.
So, do you know how to support essays properly? If you have some doubts, let us explain you everything about essay support.
Basically, there are three ways how you can support your essay: provide examples, statistics, or quotations. Here are more details for you about each type of essay support.
How to support essays using examples
It is considered to be the easiest way to support an essay, because you can provide examples from your personal experiences and knowledge or use stories of others as examples.
Yet, you should be careful with this type of essay support, since personal examples are frequently considered to be weak supporting evidences. Always make sure that your examples directly relate to the point you make and prove it.
How to support essays using statistics
This type of essay support is often used in sciences, engineering, or business. Statistical data is rather strong supporting evidence if it is taken from a reputable source. Thus, be critical about sources of statistics you use to back up your essay.
How to support essays using quotations
To write an essay, you are supposed to read a lot, and need to show this in your paper. This is what quotations are designed for. Besides, it is another way to support essays. All information that you take from textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers, or non-printed sources can be arranged as a quotation, summary, and paraphrase with an in-text reference.
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