essays on censorshipBefore you get down to writing your essay on censorship, we recommend you study carefully The Bill of Rights, particularly Amendment 1. It says that “Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”.
Does it mean that some people violate one of the most important American legal documents? Or, should censorship be considered appropriate in some cases? Should people including kids and teenagers be allowed to read, watch whatever they want? Or should there be some restrictions?
These are rather difficult questions that you will have to answer in your essay on censorship. Before you start writing, think what type of essay on censorship you want to prepare.
If you have a strong position on the problem and want to introduce it, write an argumentative or a persuasive essay on censorship. If you feel quite neutral or you have not developed your standpoint yet, for and against essays will be suitable. In this case, you can discuss both positive and negative sides of censorship.
Since censorship is a broad issue for discussion, it also seems to be logical to narrow down the scope of your essay on censorship a little. This is what you can write:

  • film censorship essays
  • essays on whether pornography should be censored
  • essays on censorship in schools and libraries
  • essays on censorship in the entertainment industry
  • essays on censorship in the Internet

No matter what position you take and what you highlight in the paper, you should collect as many arguments as possible to support it, since both sides of the debate have really strong points of view and supporting evidences.
Some say that books or films cannot be damaging, that the truth should not be hidden, etc. Others say that violence, hatred, inappropriate behavior depicted in mass media affect people's minds and make them act in the same ways. So, now you have to decide.
Reading our article about film studies essays may be useful too.

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