anti death penalty essayNo matter what opinion on the question of capital punishment you have, your teacher asks to write an essay and support one particular position – you should be against the death penalty.
So, are you ready for writing an anti death penalty essay? Are you ready to prove that even the cruelest murderers or other criminals deserve to live after committing their crimes?
This is, by the way, one of the challenging aspects of writing essays against the death penalty and discussing this topic in general. People are guided by their feelings, especially when it comes to their close relatives or friends. It is really difficult to be objective and logical when someone hurts those you love.
Yet, objectivity is the main key to preparing a successful essay against the death penalty. Thus, try to forget about feelings and emotions.
Collecting arguments and research are other keys to writing effective essays against the death penalty. Do you already know what arguments to introduce in your anti death penalty essay? If you have not decided yet, let us provide you with several hints for writing.
Essays against the death penalty: argument #1
Execution of innocent people should be one of the main reasons why people should be against the death penalty. Our judicial system is not perfect and has already proven to be unreliable many times. For instance, find out how many people were sentenced to death mistakenly, how many were released after enough evidences of their innocence were collected, and how many were executed by mistake. Present the results of your investigation in the essay against the death penalty.
Essays against the death penalty: argument #2
For a long time, capital punishment has been seen as a deterrent. However, recent studies show that executions do not deter criminals anymore.
Essays against the death penalty: argument #3
Very often, racial prejudices play an important role in decision-making when it comes to person's innocence. For instance, since 1976, 202 African Americans have been executed for killing a white person. Meanwhile, during the same period of time, only 12 white Americans have been executed for killing an African American person.
Reading about persuasive speech essays and rebuttal essays can be useful and help to make your essay stronger.

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