critical incident essayBefore we give some explanations about critical incident essays, let us ask you a question. How many times in your life have you faced some tough situations? Situations when you did not know what to do? Situations when you wanted to express yourself but were afraid to hurt someone's feelings?
You may wonder how these questions refer to writing critical incident essays. Well, the thing is that situations we have asked you about are usually used as the main idea of critical incident essays.
In fact, many students think that critical incident essays should be devoted to some really critical or dramatic events. It is a common myth about critical incident essays, and in your paper, you may simply describe an event that is somehow important to you.
Anyway, here we present more details about critical incident essays.
The gist of critical incident essays
So, hope now you get that a critical incident refers to any situation that is significant to you. It may relate to your communication, relations, education, etc. Your mission boils down to analyzing this situation. By the way, the method of critical incident analysis is often used for writing nursing reflective essays.
How to decide on a critical incident
We are sure that many events have already happened to you, which you believe are important. Answers to the following questions can help you decide on the right one to analyze in your critical incident essay:

  • What event raised a lot of questions?
  • Was there an event that made you change your values, beliefs?
  • Was there an event in your life that involved some conflict, aggressive behavior?

How to analyze your critical incident
Since critical incident essay writing is about an analysis of an event, answering the following questions may be helpful as well:

  • How did you feel about the situation?
  • Why did you feel that way? Why did you interpret the event that way?
  • How can you evaluate your actions? Would some other actions be helpful in that case?

On our weblog, you can also find tips for writing critical evaluation essays.

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