critical essay writingIs critical essay writing new to you? Do you not know what this critical writing in an essay means? Do you have no idea what stages you need to get through to succeed in critical essay writing? Then let us answer your questions and explain everything about critical essay writing.
A critical essay, in a few words, can be defined as a kind of critique. You may be asked to critique a work of literature, a painting, a film, etc. Mind that critical essay writing boils down not to summarizing the content of some work but to making an analysis.
So, what stages does the process of critical essay writing consist of?
Critical essay writing: how to start off
You will start with making an introduction, where you present your topic. Particularly, you provide the title of the chosen/assigned work, its author and briefly explain your opinion about the work. In this first part, you may also refer to some historical facts or background information about the work.
Critical essay writing: how to develop
Body paragraphs of your essay are designed to explain and support your position. At this stage of critical essay writing, you should be concerned with how to back up your opinion.
There are two ways to find supporting evidences:

  1. Search for them inside the work (quotes, examples);
  2. Read other comments and opinions.

Do not forget that others' ideas (when used) should be cited properly in your essay.
Critical essay writing: how to finish
At this final stage, you will state your opinion once again and summarize all your main supporting evidences. Needless to say, proofreading is the final step you should take. Check one more time whether you have cited all sources.
You can also find useful tips in articles about essays on paintings and film analysis essays.

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