dream house essayProbably, you will never find a person who does not want to own a big, beautiful house or not that big, but cozy and nice house, or simply a place where one can feel safe and at home.
By the way, how does the house of your dream look like? You have a brilliant chance to tell about it in your “My Dream House” essay.
While some of you may have a clear vision of the house of their dream, some students might have doubts, which can make the completion of “My Dream House” essays a bit tricky. The thing is that the more descriptions you include and the more vivid they are, the more captivating “My Dream House” essays will sound.
If you are not sure about your dream house, better find a couple of examples before writing your “My Dream House” essay. For instance, find a picture of the house of your favorite celebrity or any other pictures. Look at them carefully, think what you would like to change, add.
If you have no doubts about the house of your dream and you are almost ready to start writing your “My Dream House” essay, check the plan below.
These are several points to be included into “My Dream House” essays.

  1. Start your “My Dream House” essay with describing its location. Where would you like to have this house? In the countryside? On the seashore?
  2. Tell what your house will look like inside and outside. Probably, you want to have a house of some unusual shape or color. Or, you want to have a house with no kitchen.
  3. Include in your “My Dream House” essay more details about things you will have inside: furniture, various gadgets, decorations, etc.
  4. Finish your “My Dream House” essay with details about things you want to have near the house: garage for a car, a pool or tennis courts, a garden, etc.

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