turning point essayWhat is the first possible way to complete a turning points essay that comes to your mind? Bet you are thinking about some sort of experience that affected you greatly and changed your life somehow.
After thinking about it for a while, you realize that there is nothing special to write about in your turning points essay. You are not 40 years old and did not have some really big events in your life. So, you end up with the idea that this turning point essay might be failing because you lack ideas.
Well, we have good news for you! There is a great variety of points to be considered in turning points essays. Maybe, your teacher wants to learn more about you, thus, asks to write turning points essays. Yet, if you think that:

  • the first boyfriend/girlfriend;
  • the first kiss;
  • the first day in high school;
  • the first party, etc.

are not the best ideas to present in turning point essays, let us offer other ways to manage your assignment.
The thing is that turning points essays can be less personal. Thousands of turning points happen outside your life as well. Here is a short list of turning points for consideration.
Turning points in lives of other people
Take any famous person as an example, investigate his/her biography, and write your turning points essay about big events in the life of this person.
Turning points in specific events
Yes, events also have their turning point, which gives you another way of completing your turning points essay. For instance, tell about turning points in the Vietnam War or any other event you are interested in. Or, look at the topic in broader terms and write about turning points in history.
Turning points in the life of countries
Do you think the recent earthquake in Haiti was a turning point for the country? We suppose it was. Write what the life in Haiti was and will be like after this turning point.
You can find more ideas in articles about a life changing experience essay and world history essay.

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