essays in German languageSo, you study German as a second language. Like with any other class, you should be prepared for writing numerous essays. If you are good at making essays, most probably, you will not face too many difficulties.
Yet, do not forget that you will be dealing with essays in German language, which is definitely a bit different from writing essays in your native language. Thus, let us explain you how to prepare A+ essays in German language and share some wining strategies.
Essays in German language: strategy 1
Always start your essay in German language with making a good draft written in English. Even if your knowledge of German is perfect, better organize your ideas in the native language first.
Essays in German language: strategy 2
Look through your English draft. Make sure you know translation of all words and know how to spell them correctly. You know that German words can be really long and complicated. Think about some common German phrases and expressions, which can be used in your essay.
By the way, do not make a word-by-word translation of what you have written in English. It will not sound in German naturally.
Essays in German language: strategy 3
If you are not that good at German, be careful with the topic of your essay in German language. Pick something simple and standard like an essay on hobbies, about your family, or a day in school.
Essays in German language: strategy 4
Grammar is one of the main aspects that a teacher will pay attention to. Thus, after your essay in German language is finished, proofread it several times and eliminate all grammar and other mistakes.
If you study English as a second language, read about an ESL essay.

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