MUET essay90 is the highest score you can get for your MUET essay. You will have 90 minutes to complete your MUET essay. We should warn you that even those students who get the highest scores for the test and who are qualified as “Very good users” have problems with completing MUET essays.
Definitely, we do not mean to scare you and make nervous about the MUET essay you will have to write. We simply want to explain that you need to work hard and constantly improve your writing skills. Perfect writing is something that even some native English speakers cannot boast about.
Below, we have listed several strategies that will help you prepare a good MUET essay. Before that, let us remind you that the MUET writing test consists of two parts.
Part 1 – a piece of writing, not less than 150 words, where you have to present your interpretation of certain information.
Part 2 – an essay on a given topic, not less than 300 words.
Now, check winning strategies for writing perfect MUET essays.
Strategy 1: improve your grammar
A good MUET essay is a grammatically correct essay. If you do not feel confident enough about your grammar skills, take time to study and repeat necessary rules.
Strategy 2: improve your vocabulary
Poor vocabulary is one of the signs that your knowledge of a foreign language is not perfect. You certainly do not want to show this in your MUET essay. Using thesaurus is a good way out for those who can only operate with general words.
Strategy 3: read in English
Read English newspapers and magazines to “feel” the language, writing styles, to enrich your vocabulary.
So, good luck during your MUET test! On our blog, you can find many other interesting articles, e.g. about TOEFL test essays or a PGCE essay.

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