nursing application essayWhat major purposes should you achieve when writing a nursing application essay? They are:

  • to prove that you know what nursing is all about;
  • to show that you have some experience in nursing;
  • to prove that you will succeed in their program.

Well, the task seems to be rather complicated, but we are glad to help you and present several hints for writing nursing application essays.
Personal experience
A story that shows your personal experience in nursing is one of the essential points to be included into nursing application essays. Why is it so important? In this way, you actually show that you are ready for some difficulties and will be a dedicated nurse.
Mind that it should not be just a story that shows how you helped someone. This story in your nursing application essay has do demonstrate that you can work under pressure, have perfect communication skills, can get on well with different people.
It is not about your solid knowledge or views
When writing your nursing application essay, focus on your personal traits rather than on things you know or believe in. In other words, do not touch upon some debatable issues in your nursing application essay or express some other views not directly related to nursing.
Be careful with explanations
You may be one of those students who have low grades or not that high GPA. Be careful with explanations that you present in your nursing application essay. The thing is that you are not the only one who lost a family member or had to work while studying. Even if it so, try to be precise and clear when explaining your bad academic performance. Do not write your nursing application essay to elicit pity.
So, good luck with your nursing school essay. Also, check our personal essay tips.

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