essay on problems of old ageHigh pressure, pills, regular routine visits to a doctor, body that does not obey you anymore, hands that are shaking... The list of old age problems can be continued.
Today, more and more people associate old age with troubles only, and it is a common phenomenon to be afraid of getting older. By the way, some time ago things were different. Elderly people were respected. People waited for old age to have a rest and devoted their lives to things they really love. In fact, you can write a compare and contrast essay on problems of old age and compare the life of elderly people now and then.
If you do not have time to carry out this kind of investigation, try the following plan for writing essays on problems of old age.
Essays on problems of old age: point 1
Start your essay on problems of old age with some general facts. For instance, explain what age is considered old, when people get retired, etc. In this part of your paper, include some statistics, e.g. in 2025, one in five American citizens will be 65 or older.
Essays on problems of old age: point 2
Now, you can actually get down to discussing various old age problems. Consider the following in your essay on old age problems:

  • health problems;
  • mental disorders;
  • loneliness;
  • bad attitude, etc.

To make your essay on problems of old age more informative, say a few words about old age suicides that happen mainly because of loneliness.
Essays on problems of old age: point 3
Despite all the sad information that you will include, we suggest you make an optimistic final paragraph for your essay on problems of old age. Explain how elderly people can make their lives more exciting, how they can reduce some health problems, etc.
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