critical evaluation essayMany students, when they get the task to critically evaluate essays of their peers or just any other work, get it a bit incorrectly. The point is that for many guys the word “critically” has a negative meaning, while actually, critical evaluation essays have nothing to do with negative comments on someone’s writing.
So, if you also believe some misconceptions, let us explain you how to write a critical evaluation essay.
Writing critical evaluation essays – your major mission
So, your task does not boil down to devaluing someone's efforts and providing negative comments on someone's work. What you should do is get rid of your emotions and take an unbiased look at the writing.
Keep in mind the following: a critical evaluation essay should be informative. It should contain only facts and arguments, not your opinions and feelings.
The main elements of a critical evaluation essay
Make sure you include the following into your critical evaluation essay:

  • summary of the author's position on the problem he/she discusses, a few words about the author's solutions to the problem;
  • evaluation of facts, arguments that the author uses. Are they valid and correct?
  • evaluation of the writer's solutions to the problem, suggestions.

Developing your own point of view
It is important to introduce your own standpoint on the problem when writing your critical evaluation essay. We advise you to read critiques of some other writers on the problem you are studying. You just have to know what other positions on the matter exist.
Yet, do not forget that you are writing a critical evaluation essay and do not have to convince the reader of your point of view. If you want to make a good paper, start with checking critical evaluation essay examples.
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