marketing mix essaysIn a few words, marketing mix can be defined as a set of tools or strategies that help to achieve goals of a company. And this time, it is the topic of your essay that, obviously, puzzles you a bit.
Well, do not panic! The topic is actually not that difficult to cover. Besides, you can try our strategies on how to complete marketing mix essays successfully.
Marketing mix essays: strategy 1
Before you start writing your marketing mix essay, make sure you understand what marketing mix is all about. First, define it in your own words. Then, find an official definition and check whether you get everything correctly.
Marketing mix essays: strategy 2
“The four Ps'” are something that you cannot go without when working on the marketing mix essay. Can you enumerate these four basic elements of the marketing mix and explain the meaning of each one? These four Ps' are:

  • Product;
  • Price;
  • Place;
  • Promotion.

Marketing mix essays: strategy 3
Study the works of prominent marketers to get more details for your marketing mix essay. You may start at least with basic works of E. Jerome McCarthy or Philip Kotler. Kotler, by the way, made attempts to develop an extended marketing mix. Explain in your paper what other elements he suggested to add to “the four Ps'”.
Marketing mix essays: strategy 4
Finally, a good marketing mix essay will be incomplete without relevant real-life examples. Find out more how some famous companies use this marketing mix. McDonald's or Nokia will be brilliant examples.
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