esl essaysYou are taking ESL classes to learn English and then, probably, study in some American college. Well, this is great! Do you know what main thing you should learn? It is writing papers just like people in North America do.
In other words, you have to practice a lot, write ESL essays, look through and analyze ESL essay samples to get used to the writing style and other peculiarities of American writing.
In this article, we highlight the main writing principles used in American schools. You should follow all of them when writing essays for ESL.
Principle #1: focus
Make sure that your ESL essay is well-focused. This means that your essay:

  1. answers the main question fully;
  2. is not wordy and it does not include information that is irrelevant to your topic.

Principle #2: organization
Your ESL essay should be organized like a typical American essay, which means it should have:

  • an introduction;
  • body paragraphs;
  • a conclusion;

Principle #3: support
A good ESL essay should be well-supported. It means you cannot just say that something is right. All your assertions should be supported with facts and examples. So, always make sure your ESL essay is backed-up.
Principle #4: editing
ESL essay editing is the last stage of the writing process. Even if you are short on time, always spend a few minutes to re-read your ESL essay and improve it.
Finally, do not forget that writing in a foreign language is more difficult than speaking or reading. Thus, practice a lot if you want to write well.
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