act practice essayAre you trying to get ready for the ACT Writing Test? Well, you are doing the right thing, because preparing a good ACT essay is not that easy.
First of all, time for completing this essay is limited up to 30 minutes. As you know, not everybody can work under pressure and create something worthy in 30 minutes.
Second, ACT essays are designed to check your writing skills. Particularly, you have to meet the standards of high school and college writing.
See, your mission is rather complicated, and the best thing you can do is write heaps of ACT practice essays. Yes, practice writing is a sure-fire way to succeed in the ACT Writing Test!
Here are several points you should pay attention to when writing ACT practice essays. Check what will help you during the ACT Writing Test.

  • Before writing your ACT practice essay, make sure you understand a prompt, particularly the question it asks. By the way, you can use this link to check ACT practice essay questions http://www. actstudent. org/sampletest/index.html.
  • Always plan when writing ACT practice essays. Think how you will answer the question, jot down some basic ideas.
  • Then, decide on the best way to organize your ideas in ACT practice essays. Make sure the reader will be able to keep track of your logic.
  • Always think about examples, opposing opinions that you can introduce in your ACT practice essays and support your own words.

By the way, not only ACT practice essays will help you succeed. A lot of issues, mostly the recent ones can serve as questions for the Test. Thus, watch TV news, read magazines and newspapers, participate in debates devoted to some current issues and problems. You can also check our article about essays on current issues.
Our writes can also help you get ready for writing TOEFL test essays.

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