The Great Wall of China Essays In 1987, the Great Wall of China was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a Chinese saying - “You are not a real man if you have not climbed the Great Wall”.
Indeed, the Great Wall of China is one of the world's wonders, a miracle that was created by man nearly 2000 years ago. This time, it is the topic of your essay, and believe us – there is a lot to tell about.

First, you need to find a couple of good sources and study them before you start writing your Great Wall of China essay. Make sure these sources are credible enough, because there are a lot of myths around the Great Wall.
Well, what about the content of the Great Wall of China essays? Sure, the Great Wall of China essay should include some general facts about the Wall like why and when it was created, how long it is, and so on. Introducing facts like that is a good way to start the Great Wall of China essay.
However, we are sure you want to make an impressive and a captivating the Great Wall of China essays. If you have no clue how to do it, let us give you some hints. There are several interesting questions that you can investigate and give answers to in the Great Wall of China essays.
Why is it actually great?
An answer to this question seems to be simple - “because it is too long and is one of the greatest things ever made by man”. Yet, it is not a precise answer. Find necessary information to answer this question in the Great Wall of China essay.
Can the Great Wall be seen from the Moon?
Some time ago, almost everybody was sure that it can be seen from the Moon. However, it is not true. Give more details about this myth in the Great Wall of China essay.
Will the Great Wall stand there forever?
What are your predictions as to the future of the Great Wall? The point is that sand storms are a common phenomenon for northern China. Does it mean that the Great Wall can be lost in sand one day? Answer this question in the Great Wall of China essay.
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