Essays on Heroes Tall, strong, handsome, smart, reliable – this is an image of a typical hero that many people have in their minds. Yet, is it really so? We mean, do real heroes always have big muscles, sharp minds, and can do miracles?
This is what you should think about before you start writing your papers on heroes. We also advise you to make a kind of experimentation and ask your friends to describe a hero and his main traits. Results of your experiment can be included into a hero essay.
However, we are sure you are looking for some specific ideas to highlight in hero papers, and we can help you with this. Check our suggestions for essays on heroism and heroes.

Papers on heroes: idea #1
We have started with a typical image of a hero, and as you can guess, we do not agree with it. Do you not think that your parents are heroes, because they brought you up? Do you not think that a woman living over the corner who is rising up three kids is a heroine? Try to find heroes among ordinary people and devote your hero essay to them.
Papers on heroes: idea #2
What about heroic professions and people who do these jobs? Policemen, firefighters, doctors, etc. are all heroes, because they save people's lives putting their own safety under a threat sometimes. Talking about them is a good idea for your hero essay.
Papers on heroes: idea 3
If you do not want to talk about real-life heroes, making an epic hero essay will be a good option for you. Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Beowulf are all epic heroes that papers on heroes can be devoted to.
Do you want to talk about some heroes of the Civil Rights Movement? Or, maybe, Emmet Till is a hero for you? Then, you can use our tips for writing essays on the Civil Rights Movement and an essay on Emmet Till.

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