medical school admission essay“I have always planned to be a doctor”, “I want to be a doctor and help people more than anything else in this world” - this is what admission officers will see in hundreds of medical school admissions essays, and believe us, this will not impress them. Sure, you want to be a doctor, help people, and save their lives. Otherwise, why would you apply to a medical school?
However, this information is not enough to make your medical school admission essay stand out. In this article, we offer you several recommendations and examples of how successful medical school admissions essays should be organized.
Recommendations for writing medical school admission essays

  • Do not be wordy. Too many words both take up space and make an impression that you, actually, have nothing to tell.
  • Stay focused. Some students turn their medical school admission essays into autobiographies. While some facts from your life can be important, always keep in mind the main reason for writing your medical school admission essay – persuading admission officers that you are worth to be accepted to this particular school.
  • Pay attention to the overall organization of your medical school admission essay. Do not make too long paragraphs, vary sentence structures, use Active voice, etc.

Several examples from successful medical school admission essays
How to keep the reader of your medical school admission essay interested.
Boring: “Years of practice and experience along with the necessity to overcome
struggles made me the kind of person I am”.
Interesting: “I still clearly remember that day - I was six years old - when our father was diagnosed cancer. It changed the rest of my life”.
How to show, not to tell
Telling: “Without my grandparents, I would not have such strong family values”.
Showing: “My grandparents did not have an expensive car, a big house and all that glamorous stuff in their house. However, their generosity and desire to help people around helped me learn some very important lessons”.
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