basic essaysAre you one of those students who want to know all the secrets of writing an effective essay? Are you tired of B’s on your essays and all those critical comments from your teachers?
If yes, then this article will reveal one of the secrets of a successful essay. To be more specific, we will talk about basic essay format. Are you surprised? Do you not believe that basic essay format can help you get good grades on your papers?
Whether you believe it or not, it is really so. Although the content of your essays is what really matters, basic essay format plays an important role as well. The thing is that students have different tasks when writing essays and thus highlight different ideas. Basic essay format is designed to make those ideas organized and your content clear. And this is exactly why teachers pay so much attention to basic essay format.
Thus, let us remind you the main rules you should stick to and the main sections of an essay.
Basic essay format: a thesis statement
Although a thesis statement is not a separate section of an essay, it is the focal point of any paper. Usually, a thesis statement consists of two parts:

  • Introduces a topic;
  • Mentions the main points to be discussed.

Basic essay format: an introduction
Your main mission in this part is to grab the reader's attention. There are several ways to do it: ask a question, tell an anecdote, insert a quotation, etc.
Basic essay format: body paragraphs
Body paragraphs also have a certain structure. You have to start each paragraph with a topic sentence, then introduce supporting points, and finally make a transition to the next paragraph.
Basic essay format: conclusions
Nothing new should be presented in this part of your essay. Simply summarize the main points.
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