this i believe essayParticipating in a This I Believe essay contest is one more way for you to express yourself, some of your ideas and beliefs. People who decide to take part in the contest and write This I Believe essays do not expect to win any prizes. Perhaps, they just make an attempt to change something in this world or do something about their lives by means of sharing beliefs and good ideas with others.
Anyway, everybody does it for his/her own specific reasons, and if you simply have something important to tell, sit down and write your This I Believe essay.
By the way, such This I Believe essay contest is held by American Public Radio (NPR) that has been running audio series called This I Believe for several years. Absolutely different people, starting from famous writers like Elie Wiesel to ordinary citizens just like you, send their This I Believe essays to the radio. Then, the best This I Believe essays are read by their authors and broadcasted.
So, do you believe that participating in the This I Believe essay contest is for you? Do you want everybody to find out about your beliefs? Then, let us give you several tips on how to make effective This I Believe essays.

  • Your essay should not be longer than 500 words. Better write a 250-300-word essay.
  • It should not be a poem or a fiction story. Just write a real-life story about an event or anything else that helped you shape your beliefs.
  • Then, just send your This I Believe essay to the official NPR website and wait for results.

We suppose our hints for writing a narrative essay and proven essay writing prompts will help you win the contest.

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