contemporary art essayThere are two ways to interpret contemporary art.

  1. Contemporary art is art produced at the present days;
  2. It is art produced after World War II.

So, before you get down to writing your contemporary art essay, decide which of the ways to choose. From our point of view, talking about art produced these days will be more captivating and will help to make an amazing essay on contemporary art.
The point is that many people, especially elderly ones, are rather skeptic about modern art. In your essay on contemporary art, you can prove that these days we also have many talented artists and great works of art.
Here are more hints on how to prepare amazing essays on contemporary art.
How to start your contemporary art essay
Try to answer the following questions, which can be a good beginning for your paper:

  • What is contemporary art all about? What is it like?
  • Can you name some popular modern artists and their works?
  • In what ways is contemporary art different from art in other periods?
  • What inspires modern artists?

What to focus on in contemporary art essays
If you have not decided on a specific idea for your contemporary art essay, try one of the following suggestions from our writers.
Street art
It is art produced in the public places or just in the streets. In essays on contemporary art, you can talk about the following: graffiti, wheatpasting, sticker art, flash mobbing, street poster art, etc.
It is a really good idea for contemporary art essays. Developed from the word “stuck”, stuckism is promoting figurative painting instead of conceptual art.
It is an art movement found by the Japanese artist and designer Takashi Murakami. On our blog, you can also read about Van Gogh essays and an art coursework.

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