essay on AfricaYour teacher asked to prepare an essay on Africa. Do you want to know what he/she was thinking about then? We suppose it was something like “Please, please, guys, do not write essays on AIDS in Africa or about hunger. These are acute problems, but I have read hundreds of such essays on Africa. I want to see something more captivating!”
It seems to be true. By the way, what was your first idea for the essay on Africa: AIDS or starvation?
Probably, we can help both you and your teacher. Check our ideas for Africa essays that will turn your paper into captivating reading.
If you want to discuss acute problems
Talking about some recent and disturbing issues is a good idea for Africa essays. However, AIDS and hunger are not the only problems that the continent faces.
What about discussing democracy in Africa? Why despite all the attempts only a few countries like Ghana managed to achieve positive changes? Explain this in your essay on Africa.
If you want to focus on some other issues
There are many other perspectives for writing essays on Africa.

  • History: tell about the policy of Apartheid in Africa. By the way, this essay on Africa can be a good basis for your future essay on History.
  • Major conflicts: you can create a thrilling paper if you choose to write about the Second Congo War, which was one of the most devastating conflicts in the modern history of Africa. Talking about the current conflict in Darfur is another good option.
  • Flora and fauna: African wildlife allows you to make an amazing descriptive essay.
  • African culture: if you pick this topic for your Africa essay, focus on art and architecture in Africa.

So, good luck!

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