career objective essayThere are several reasons why you can be asked to write a career objective essay.

  1. It is just one more assignment from your teacher;
  2. You are writing a college application essay;
  3. You want to apply for a scholarship or win some grant.

Actually, it does not really matter why you need to write this career objectives essay. Some rules for writing career objectives essays are common for all three cases.
Below you will find these rules and some other recommendations on how to make a successful career objectives essay.
Point 1
State your career goals clearly and precisely. It will be something like “I want to be... and want to do...” If your statement of career goals is vague, you will simply make an impression of a person who does not really know what he/she wants to do.
Point 2
Explain how you are going to achieve these goals. This point will be a bit different in career objectives essays depending on the purpose of writing. If it is your academic assignment, tell what particular college or university you want to enter.
If it is an application career objectives essay, explain how the school you are applying to will help to achieve your goals.
If it is a grant or scholarship application, also explain why it will be beneficial for your future career.
Point 3
Then you can start explaining in your career objectives essay why you have chosen this particular career. So, why do you want to be a doctor/teacher/engineer/vet, etc? What are the pros and cons of this career? What personal traits and professional qualifications should you possess? Answer these questions in your career objectives essay.
Reading our tips for writing essays on goals and "Why I Need this Scholarship" essay will be helpful as well.

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