essays on life experienceAs far as we know, teachers do not ask to write essays on life experience too frequently. However, when they do, it seriously puzzles many students. They just do not know what to discuss in their essays on life experience.
Some peers of yours will tell, “Man, dozens of things are going on and changing around you. Can you not focus on something and write about it in your essay on life experience?”
Well, we have to agree with your peers because life changing experience essays can be devoted not only to some “big” things. However, writing about the death of a close person, pet, or moving to a new house/city seems to be a bit boring as well.
This is what most of your peers will be talking about in their life changing experience essays, and you want to single out. Besides, we know that some students find their lives rather mediocre and ordinary. They really have nothing special to tell in their life changing experience essay.
Well, it is not a reason for not writing your life changing experience essay. There are at least two good ways to prepare your assignment.
Life changing experience essays: idea #1
You are writing this life changing experience essay for your teacher not for a detective who will check all the facts. What we are talking about is telling some lies in your paper. Make up some kind of a story or add details to something that really happened to you. Your teacher does not really care about that.
Life changing experience essays: idea #2
If you do not want to make up stories, then tell the truth. Introduce things as they are and try to analyze why nothing special has ever happened to you. Perhaps, this life changing experience essay will become some sort of a turning point for you and you will wish to do something about your life.
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