sell your essayWe are sure that an idea to sell essays comes to minds of many students. What is the purpose of having piles of papers in your room that you will never use? Definitely, it is quite logical to sell your essays, get your benefit, and help some other guys.
However, as far as we know, not that many students sell their essays. There are two most common reasons for that:

  • You do not know whether it is legal to sell your essays;
  • You do not know how to do it.

Well, these problems can easily be solved, and we will help to sell your essays successfully.
Let us begin with the problem #1. So, is it legal to sell your essays?
Answer: actually, it is. Essays are your property and you can do whatever you want with it. Selling something, except of drugs and some other prohibited things, is legal in the United States. Thus, do not be afraid, go and sell your essays.
A person who will purchase essays might have some problems if he/she is caught. You, as an honest seller of essays, can warn your customer about that.
What about the problem #2? Where and how can you sell your essays?
Answer: Like with many other things, Internet is your best assistant in this undertaking.
First, there are a lot of online companies that you can sell your essays to. Prices vary, but you can earn up to 20 bucks.
Second, you can just visit some student forums. Believe us, you will find a lot of busy students who will buy your essays from you.
On our blog, you can find out what online essay writing is all about.

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