essays on TOEFLAny part of the TOEFL test - no matter whether it is a writing, reading, or speaking section - is important for the final score you get on the test. However, writing TOEFL test essays is what the great majority of students are afraid of.
By the way, fear or panic is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Taking this test requires confidence and not a single doubt about your skills and abilities.
Besides, we are here to give you several pieces of advice on how to write successful TOEFL essays. After you read this article, we recommend you spend more time surfing the Web.
The thing is that you need to find free essays on TOEFL or TOEFL model and practice essays. These are the examples of successful papers that were highly rated, and you should follow these patterns to get the same high scores.
What is more, you can find essay topics for the TOEFL test used in previous tests. It is such a good chance to practice, because the topic of your TOEFL essay might be very similar. Just be careful when typing TOEFL in a search engine box. “A TOEFEL essay” or “TOEFUL essay” will not bring necessary results.
Now, let us pass to some concrete hints for writing effective TOEFL essays.

  • Learn to write and brainstorm quickly, since you will have only 30 minutes for writing.
  • Be careful and attentive during the test. Make sure you understand an essay question.
  • Structure your TOEFL essay properly. It is absolutely necessary to make paragraphs. Usually, they require 2-4 paragraphs.
  • Vary the structure of your sentences and do not make them too long.

Your grammar and punctuation should be flawless. So, edit your essay carefully.
On our blog, we give many useful tips, e.g. hints for writing GMAT essays or SAT essay prep.

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