writing argument essaysWriting argument essays can be a really valuable experience for you. You will gain some very important skills that will be useful not only for your studies.
Although writing argument essays is rather frequently assigned, many students still do not know some essential aspects of such essay type. This is why we want to remind you the basic rules of writing argument essays once again.
These are 4 extremely significant points one should consider when writing an argument essay.
Writing argument essays: point 1
The whole process starts with selecting appropriate argumentative essay topics. Very often, students get stuck at this particular stage, since choosing the right topic is not easy.
Your topic should:

  • Be quite narrowed;
  • Contain an argument.

Also, make sure that your topic can be supported adequately.
Writing argument essays: point 2
Think about the overall organization before getting down to work on your argument essay. Mind that you will have to discuss both pros and cons related to your problem. So, make a list of all necessary points and define which will be the most helpful to support and refute.
Writing argument essays: point 3
Supporting your ideas is the focal point of the paper. You have to operate with strong arguments and facts so that the reader has no doubts whether you are right or wrong.
This is a list of faulty supports:

  • Feelings and emotions;
  • Generalizations;
  • Oversimplification;
  • Unreliable sources and irrelevant examples.

Writing argument essays: point 4
Refuting opposing arguments is another challenge that you might face. It is not easy to prove that someone's ideas are wrong. Here are some tactics that you can use:

  • Compromise: to a certain extent, your opponents are right, but their arguments are not powerful enough;
  • Disagreement: you totally disagree with what your opponents say after considering all their arguments;
  • Irrelevance: arguments that your opponents refer to are irrelevant because...

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