describing a person essayIf you need to describe a person in your essay, consider you are lucky. This task is quite easy and it should not cause problems. Just think about it! Describing people essays allow you to demonstrate your creativity and ability to make the right choices. You are free to talk about anyone you believe deserves special attention.
So, before you start working on your describing a person essay, do the following:

  • Make a list of people who play a significant role in your life/ have influenced you somehow/made significant contributions in some fields, etc.
  • Take time to think about each personality, his/her strong and weak points, and some unique features.
  • Finally, decide on a personality who will be the main character of your describing a person essay.

Here is a brief plan for writing your describing a person essay.
Describing a person essay: introduction
Introduce the chosen person. Do not forget to make a strong thesis statement. In your thesis, tell about several features that make this person unique.
Describing a person essay: main body
In this part of your paper, you can give details about those features mentioned in the thesis statement. Make sure things you are going to talk about are really significant. The reader should understand why you have chosen this particular person.
Describing a person essay: conclusion
Do not make this final part of your describing a person essay too long. Summarize what you have already said in three-four sentences.
Mind that in your describing a person essay you can talk not only about appearance. Add a few words about some important personal traits of your main character.
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