short descriptive essayWe suppose that writing descriptive essays is a common practice for many students. You know that descriptive essays are designed to depict different phenomena, things, etc. so that the reader could “see” what you are writing about.
However, now you have to write a short descriptive essay, which makes you a bit confused. You have never done it before and have no clue what short descriptive essays are about.
Well, the basic principle of writing short descriptive essays remains the same. You need to give details and descriptions. Certainly, short descriptive essays have some specific writing rules. Let us talk about them right now.
How long are short descriptive essays?
Every teacher has his/her own understanding of “short”. Some ask to make a short descriptive essay that is about 250-300 words long. Others will ask to write more. So, better specify the length of your short descriptive essay with a teacher.
This word limit is so annoying. How should I write my short descriptive essay?
Naturally, you will have to weigh every sentence that you want to include in your short descriptive essay. You need to present only the most essential information, staying brief but informative. This is why we recommend you plan the whole writing process.
You have to start by defining the focus of your short descriptive essay. You can describe:

  • A place;
  • An object;
  • A person;
  • A phenomenon;
  • Any experience.

The main rule to keep in mind when writing short descriptive essays
Actually, all students follow this rule when writing typical descriptive essays. Stick to this rule when writing short descriptive essays as well. To “show” something in your paper, you need to appeal to five senses:

  • Taste;
  • Smell;
  • Sound and Touch;
  • Sight.

So, we are sure you will cope with your assignment and prepare an A+ paper.
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