American history reportDo you think that writing an American history report will not be harder than writing an ordinary essay? If this is what you think, we have bad news for you.
An American history report is a bit more complicated and serious assignment. We know for sure that teachers pay special attention to the topics students choose for their American history reports. This is why our article is designed for those who have troubles choosing a good idea for discussion.
First, we would like to introduce you some basic principles of selecting a topic for American history reports.

  • Think of the period in American history that you are interested in;
  • Recollect major events and dates within this period;
  • Think of some famous people, outstanding leaders, and politicians associated with this period.

So, your American history report can be devoted to a significant event, person, or a certain period in general. Yet, narrowing a focus is absolutely necessary if you want your American history report to be effective.
Here are several examples for you.
American history reports: idea #1
Roaring 20’s was a significant period in American history, a period of some really important changes. Besides, this topic is not that frequently discussed as the Civil Rights Movement, for instance.
You can choose to cover many specific issues in your American history report. We suggest you consider the changes in social stereotypes regarding women.
American history reports: idea #2
The first half of the 21st century seems to be an exciting period to talk about in your American history report. What about George Bush’s presidency as the central idea of your report?
If you need more ideas, read our articles about an essay on Pearl Harbor and American Revolution essay.

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