PGCE essaySo, are you going to make a career in education? Then, you have to get ready for PGCE essay writing to get your Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Your mission is definitely not easy, but you will definitely cope with everything with our help.
First, let us explain you what we mean by saying that PGCE essays will remind you of something. Do you remember that last time you wrote an essay? You know, some applicants to the PGCE program did it last time about 10 years ago. This, PGCE essays will remind you of those old times when completing essays was a common assignment for you.
If it is really so and you remember almost nothing about writing essays, let us give you a couple of prompts. Believe us, these simple rules will be important for creating a successful PGCE essay.

  • Find out everything about official requirements that you have to meet. Arrange your PGCE essay according to them.
  • Mind the overall structure of your PGCE essay. Everything should be logically connected.
  • Finally, make sure you understand the main question of your essay. If you get it wrong or deviate from it throughout your paper, the results will most probably be negative.

Now, let us talk about some specific aspects of writing PGCE essays.

  • Keep in mind that your teaching experience will be the focus of your PGCE essay. Specify your current practice and future plans.
  • Do you remember what analytical writing means? You have to recollect everything you know, since your paper should be analytical.
  • Finally, keep in mind that PGCE essays usually do not exceed 1000 words limit.

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