Writing Powerful Essays Let us guess what you are thinking about right now. “AIDS in Africa.... Gee! This topic seems to be so trivial. I wonder how many students have already completed essays on AIDS in Africa and what else I can add in my essay on AIDS in Africa”.
Well, we cannot but agree with you. Quite a number of essays on AIDS in Africa have already been prepared. Still, this number will increase with one more essay on AIDS in Africa. It is going to be yours.

We also agree that it is really difficult to come up with brand new ideas to highlight in your essay on AIDS in Africa. Yet, probably, you do not need to sweat over such issues. This is what we suggest you do.
Narrow down the topic
AIDS in Africa – do you not think it is a rather broad theme to discuss? Make a list of more specific issues and choose one for your essay on AIDS in Africa. You can answer such question as “Why does the disease predominate in this particular region”? On the other hand, you can write AIDS orphans in Africa essay and discuss the problem of kids whose parents die from AIDS.
Picking a burning issue to consider
It is another way to make your essay on AIDS in Africa stand out. Controversial issues seem to be really appealing to the readers. So, you can discuss the following debatable issue in essays on AIDS in Africa: Should the United States continue to support Africa?
Shocking numbers
Even an essay on the most boring topic can be more exciting if you use interesting facts and statistics. For instance, did you know that 12 million children in Africa lost their parents because of AIDS or that 25 million people in Africa are infected with the disease? Add more statistics to your essay on AIDS in Africa to make it striking.
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