Narative Essay Do you want to write a narative essay? Bet you have not found a lot of useful tips on how to write narative papers. Then this article is just what you have been looking for.
We have made a list of some features that narative papers do not posses. So, a good narative essay is not about:

  • A story. You may arrange your narative essay in whatever form you like. Just keep in mind that telling a story is not a typical feature of narative papers.
  • An introduction. Usually, narative essays have no introduction. It is a perfect chance for you to get rid of, at least, one problem. You do not need to think how to introduce your topic.
  • Anecdotes and dialogues. This is what you should never include into a narative essay if you want it to be perfect. Thinking of additional details – what can be more boring and annoying?


  • Your own style. It is a typical feature of all other essay types but not of narative essays. Are you sweating over new ways to introduce your ideas and feelings? Well, you are wasting your time. Narative essays do not require it.

So, if you really intend to create a narative essay, make sure it follows all the rules mentioned above.
Yet, we have to tell you that features we mentioned above are typical for a good narrative essay. Probably, you have just missed one R when typing the word “naRRative” into a search engine. Well, you have to be more attentive if you want to find reliable tips for completing your assignments. Besides, if you hand in a narative essay, do not count on a high grade! Such misspelling in your paper will bring you maximum a B-.
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