essays on HIV AIDSEvery year, it kills millions of people without violence or wars. Every year, it kills approximately 300,000 people. It cannot be destroyed, treated, or even seen. It does not care who you are, a man or a woman, whether you are 20 or 45. It is AIDS!
Well, how do you like this introduction? Your essay on HIV/AIDS should begin with something like this. Or, if you can, you definitely need to think of something more powerful. You are going to cover rather a worn out topic. Thus, your essay on HIV/AIDS should have some “hooks” to catch the reader's attention.
What else may essays on HIV/AIDS include to captivate the reader? This is a list of things you should not miss when writing essays on HIV/AIDS.
The main idea
Most likely, the great part of your essay on HIV/AIDS will be devoted to some general information. You will tell about the origins of the disease, the ways it can be acquired, the ways it develops in the human organism, etc.
Certainly, this idea is not bad. However, you need to think of some central points for your essay on HIV/AIDS. For example:

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS;
  • HIV/AIDS in Africa;
  • Drug use and HIV/AIDS, etc.

Facts and statistics
HIV/AIDS essays will sound more impressive and convincing if you include statistics and facts. Fortunately, it will not be a problem for you. Even if you visit only the official website of the World Health Organization (www. who. int/en/), you will get a lot of useful information.
Real life examples are one more way of producing an effective HIV/AIDS essay. Just keep in mind that you cannot give names or you will have to make them up. All the “main characters” of your essay on HIV/AIDS should be anonymous.
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