Hollywood essayHollywood…It is an amazing world of glamorous actresses and handsome actors. It is a busy world of moving cameras, fussy directors, bright costumes, and fairytale settings. It seems that everybody wants to become a part of this wonderful world, at least for a while.
If you can afford it, you should definitely go to Hollywood and see it with your own eyes. If you do not have such an opportunity, start writing your Hollywood essay. Probably, it will let you get closer to its secrets and mysteries and get an “Oscar” for your paper.
If you still have not chosen a catchy idea for your Hollywood essay, we are glad to suggest you several issues for discussion.
Hollywood and British films
If you choose to cover this issue in your Hollywood essay, you will have to compare film industries of two countries. Which industry do you think is better developed and why? Think of the reasoned arguments you can use to support your positions in the Hollywood essay.
Hollywood action movies and representation of women
This is another brilliant way of writing the Hollywood essay if you like comparing and contrasting. Choose as examples two action movies involving women. It is better to choose films that were produced and released in different periods of time. What do you think about discussing “Alien” with Sigourney Weaver and “Tomb Rider” with Angelina Jolie in your Hollywood essay?
I want to be a Hollywood star!
If this is the biggest dream of your life, think how to turn it into reality when writing your Hollywood essay. Particularly, you can discuss whether taking special college courses are necessary to become a movie star. In your Hollywood essay, you can give examples of Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, or Drew Barrymore who actually gained popularity without any previous acting training.
So, these are several ways of creating amazing Hollywood essays. On our blog, you can also find articles about writing a reality TV essay or smile essay.

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