essays on alcoholismAlcoholism is a serious problem, awful dependency that millions of people are suffering from. In the United States, nearly 18 million people suffer from alcohol addiction. Approximately 70 million people have faced the problem of alcoholism within their families.
Alcohol drinks affect our brains, causing some changes in the level of chemicals in brains. This makes people craving for more drinks.
So, the problem of alcoholism is the topic of your next written assignment. Writing essays on alcoholism will be a really valuable experience for you. Choose a specific aspect of the problem that you want to learn more about, e.g. teenage alcoholism.
Well, you have picked the main idea of your essay on alcoholism. Make sure you have enough sources to disclose this topic properly. Essays on alcoholism should include statistics, examples, solid facts, etc.
In this article, we want to introduce you several significant points to consider in your essay on alcoholism.
Basic information about alcoholism
This is what your alcoholism essay should begin with. Give some general facts; explain the process of becoming addicted to alcohol.
Discuss some of the symptoms of the disease in your essay on alcoholism. You can mention the following:

  • Drinking in secret or on your own;
  • Losing control over the amount of alcohol you drink;
  • Getting irritated if you cannot drink;
  • Having symptoms like blackouts, shakiness, sweating, etc.

Risk factors
In your essay on alcoholism, you need to discuss those factors that increase the risk of getting addicted, e.g. starting to drink under the age of 16 or having an alcoholic among your family members.
Prevention and treatment
Tell about the measures that can be taken to prevent alcoholism in the alcoholism essay. Especially, you may focus on preventing teenage alcoholism. After that, discuss basic treatment approaches.
So, make sure you cover all these points in your alcoholism essay.
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