rhetorical essayDo not believe that you can learn basic steps of writing rhetorical essays right now? Read this article, which will take you approximately 5 minutes. Here, we highlight the main aspects of preparing rhetorical essays.
First, you have to know that rhetorical essays can be interpreted in two ways. It means that if a tutor assigns a rhetorical essay, you have to specify the task. You might face two different tasks:
Writing a rhetorical analysis essay
This kind of rhetorical essay requires you reading two texts by different authors. Your major task is to analyze both positions on a certain matter and evaluate the overall significance of the texts. So, what you will have to do when completing such rhetorical essay is:

  • Analyze texts;
  • Define the main points that authors introduce and support throughout texts;
  • Evaluate how authors convey their ideas, feelings, etc.

Writing rhetorical essays using rhetorical methods and devices
It is a bit different task that you can be asked to complete. However, we are sure you will not have problems when writing this kind of rhetorical essays. Besides, you most probably know some of those rhetorical methods. They include:

  • Persuasion;
  • Narration;
  • Argumentation;
  • Comparing and contrasting.

Talking about rhetorical essays, facts, examples, statistics are referred to as rhetorical devices.
Some general recommendations
No matter what kind of rhetorical essay you will have to prepare, both types require a strong thesis statement.
Make sure that paragraphs of your paper have topic sentences that relate to the main idea of your work.
Provide enough proofs in each paragraph of your rhetorical essay that will support your thesis statement.
If you need explanations of some other essay types, like cause essays or argumentative essays, do not hesitate to visit this web site.

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