Othello essaySure, you realize that retelling the plot of Shakespeare’s tragedy is something that will not work in your Othello essay. The only solution that you could come up with is to start searching for free essays on Othello.
Well, certainly, this is not a bad way to get more ideas or some unusual approaches to writing Othello essays. So, you have found several free essays on Othello. What do you see? The same trivial topics about relations between Iago and Othello or Othello and Desdemona?
Definitely, we understand that adding something new to an issue that has already been discussed millions of times is difficult. However, we know some other secrets that will help increase chances of getting an A+ on your Othello essay.
Every idea has to be backed up
This rules works for any essay type you are going to write and your Othello essay is not an exception. All the standpoints and assertions that you make should be supported with quotations from the text. Try to choose the brightest quotations and make sure they fit your idea.
Secondary sources for writing Othello essays
It is easy to guess that the tragedy itself will serve you as the primary source. However, it might be not enough to write a brilliant Othello essay. Flick through the works of critics, clarify all the vague issues about the tragedy.
Outlining your Othello essay
Yes, making an outline should be your first step to preparing a well-written Othello essay. It will help organize your ideas and choose the most noteworthy ones to include into your Othello essay.
There are many other works of Shakespeare that you can be asked to discuss. On our blog, you can read about writing Richard III essays and get Romeo and Juliet essay tips.

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