Separate Peace essayWell, your tutor asked you to write an essay on Separate Peace, but you absolutely do not understand the author’s message in the novel.
Do not panic! Our keys to writing Separate Peace essays will help you overcome this problem.
The main themes of the novel
In order to make a good essay on Separate Peace, you need to know the main themes disclosed in the novel. So, they are:

  • Irresponsibility – Finny refuses to keep to the school’s regulations;
  • Jealousy – Gene envies Finny, because of his athletic abilities;
  • Insecurity – Gene feels insecure of his own intelligence and talents.

If you decide to disclose the main themes of the novel in your essay on Separate Peace, you have to give examples from the text.
Apart from the main themes, you need to know the hidden context of the novel. This will enhance your chances of getting a high grade on your Separate Peace essay, and we will help you achieve this purpose.
Foreshadowing in the novel
The Older Gene tells about “death by violence” and fears that he had in school. He associates them with marble steps and a tree. If you decide to write about this in your Separate Peace essay, tell that these memories foreshadow Gene’s revelation of Finny’s 2 accidents: falling from the tree and falling down the steps.
Major conflict of the novel
Writing excellent essays on Separate Peace seems to be impossible without your understanding of the major conflict presented in the novel. When discussing it in your essay on Separate Peace, tell that Gene feels both love and hatred to his best friend, Finny. He admires and envies his moral and athletic superiorities.
If you consider these keys, writing Separate Peace essays will not be a problem for you.
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