brief essay

“Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief.”

William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

What do you know about brief essays? If you think that writing brief essays is a matter of one hour, you are wrong. Its completion requires time, attention, and desire. As you may guess, the main feature of brief essays is conciseness.
In fact, there is nothing special about writing a brief essay. You should follow a certain structure, disclose a topic, and avoid mistakes. However, many students face some troubles while writing brief essays. They may be caused by lack of experience, knowledge, or just a bad mood.
In this article, we want to present you a good plan of how to create a brief essay and succeed.
Brief Essays: Introduction
The reader starts evaluating your work as soon as he\she starts reading the first sentences. This is why it is really important to make a good beginning. It can be:

  1. A catchy thesis statement. Find an unbelievable fact to attract the reader.
  2. An apt quotation. Use the ideas of other people in your brief essay. However, do not forget to cite.
  3. A provocative question. Most people like giving advice and answering questions. Give the reader such an opportunity by asking something.

Brief Essays: Main Body
Another important step you need to take while writing your brief essay is to make strong but precise supporting paragraphs.

  • Present an idea;
  • Develop and support it with examples, facts, evidences, etc.;
  • Introduce your standpoint.

Brief Essays: Conclusion
So, the main part is ready. Now you need to write an impressive conclusion. Leave a humorous comment, joke, etc.
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