title for your essayHave you ever met a person without a name? Have you ever read a book or watched a movie without a title? Would you have any desire to read or watch a film like that at all? We suppose you would not and we know one good reason for that.
You will just have no idea of what a book is about or what the main idea of that movie is. What if it is absolute nonsense and you will just waste your time reading or watching it.
This brief introduction is designed to explain you the significance of good titles for essays. You know, a huge number of students cannot make up titles for their essays that can grab the reader’s attention at once. Are you sure you can do it? Let us check!
You are assigned to write an essay on a certain work of literature, say an essay on Harry Potter. What will be your essay title? If you simply write Harry Potter in the center of the first page, be sure your tutor will be depressed by a title like that.
Harry Potter is the title of the book but not a good title for your essay. It tells absolutely nothing about the main idea of your paper.
So, does this situation remind you of something? Do your essay titles look like that? Then, you definitely have to look through the plan for making winning essay titles presented below.
Winning essay title: point 1
First, write your essay. Then, read your paper attentively after you finish writing. And only afterwards start thinking about your essay title!
Winning essay title: point 2
Figure out the main points highlighted in the essay. After that, decide on the most important one. It will serve as the basis for your title.
Winning essay title: point 3
Now, think over a creative way to introduce this key point and make your essay title stand out.
This is it!
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